About PeepLocal Social


PeepLocal Social is a Social Media Platform. A place to make new friends, create groups, add photos videos and more. 


Our Story


PeepLocal Social was created by Linda Marie Ellis the creator of PeepLocal.com a local business citation site. Social media platforms have become one of the most highly used form of entertainment as well as business marketing tools. Linda wanted to create an additional way for consumers to interact with others from friends and family to  businesses and consumers.  Did you know that U.S. adults use social media for an average of 3 hours and 29 minutes per day.  Whether it's scrolling to see what friends are doing, keeping in touch with family or looking for recommendations for a business. Americans use a form of social media for their information highway.  PeepLocal Social was a great accompaniment to PeepLocal.com. The PeepLocal Social platform is designed with familiar elements with Personal Profile, Profile Wall, Add friends, Post Photos and Videos, Create Groups and Business Pages and much more. We at PeepLocal Social hope you enjoy it and share it with friends and family.